The Overlord

Each season, there will be an Overlord with very special rights within Dungeon Worlds. The Overlord will be able to:

  • Select their favorite dungeons to be promoted (Overlord’s Choice); these will receive a 10% boost on the $WOMBAT payout for the season

  • Receive 1% of the total $WOMBAT paid to Overlord’s Choice dungeons at the end of the season

  • Submit Wombat Enhancement Proposals (WEPs) for Dungeon Worlds (each WEP will be brought to voting for $WOMBAT token stakers)

  • Influence certain rules like which run durations should be available, Well of Wealth benefits, depth of well, etc.

  • Grant roles to individual other players to delegate certain tasks or powers like mining boosts

  • Have a voting power of 5m $WOMBAT on WEPs that have not been suggested by the Overlord

To become the Overlord for a season, players compete in a contest to find the Dungeon Keys. The Dungeon Keys are incredibly hard to obtain and require a lot of dedication (and resources) to be gained. Whoever is the first player to obtain all the Dungeon Keys in a season will become the Overlord for the next season.

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