In their first six years of existence, NFTs had blown up from a niche meme format to three letters living in the minds of millions, rent-free. Although it feels like the interest subsided, many NFT-powered communities emerge and thrive. A lot of them are created from the need to identify, converse and co-achieve. But as people's identities and aspirations change, the question arises how will those collectibles, game items and artwork live on — if they live on at all.

Within just a year, Wombat Dungeon Master has grown to be the biggest gamified NFT staking experience worldwide with already over 1.5 million NFTs locked in the game and tens of thousands of players every season.

Dungeon Master has also successfully demonstrated the power of engagement with NFT creators and brands when it comes to NFTs. Thanks to the constant feedback from our community and close relationships with other builders and artists, many players came to a deeper understanding and appreciation of NFTs. Proud collectors, they, perhaps, are the biggest NFT community that understands, from experience, how important utility is.

We want to empower our players and creators further and give them a platform to generate utility. Thus, we devised Dungeon Worlds to bring the concept of Dungeon Master to an entirely new level - user-owned NFT staking experiences!

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