Future Plans

Upon launch, the Dungeon Worlds gameplay will mostly resemble Wombat Dungeon Master. However, we’re preparing a multitude of exciting game modes and features for later stages of the game.

Multi-chain dungeons

We plan to allow cross-chain interoperability of dungeons, meaning that characters from arbitrary chains can be used within a dungeon, and NFTs on multiple chains can become stakeable.

Special-edition Wombat characters

Dungeon Masters will be able to design their own Wombat characters which the can be dropped to all players of Dungeon Worlds. These characters can have special abilities within this specific dungeon based on the rule set of the dungeon. Any revenues generated from dropping these characters or from secondary fees will be split with the respective Dungeon Master.

Battle mode

Since its inception, the planning for Wombat Dungeon Master (so likewise with Dungeon Worlds) foresaw Player-vs-Player (PvP) elements for the game. In battle mode, players can challenge each other’s Wombats to battle one another, with a stake of materials or $WOMBAT to be won by the winner. The outcome of the battle will be determined by the respective Wombat’s experience, equipment and moves, given that each Wombat has strengths and weaknesses and can be leveled up as a more battle-proven Wombat rather than one that can move through the Dungeons very efficiently.

Clan wars

Another PvP element will entail Clan Wars in which clans can attack each other’s headquarters and buildings in order to take away materials or other resources from other clans.

Dungeon DAOs

Dungeon masters will be granted the option to hand over governance on their Dungeon to their players. These “DAOs” will be governed by individual Dungeon tokens which are pegged to the $WOMBAT tokens in the DAO pool of the dungeon. Liquidity for these Dungeon DAO governance tokens will automatically be provided through that bonding curve.

Interactive dungeons

The Dungeon Worlds gameplay will be enhanced by mini-games which can be played in order to improve the effectiveness of a dungeon run. These mini-games can range from simple puzzle or skill games to racing or battle games.

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