Dungeon Worlds will be centered around the proven gameplay mechanics of Wombat Dungeon Master:

Players can equip their wombat characters with powerful items, stake NFTs they own and send their wombats on so-called dungeon “runs”. Runs last between 5 minutes and 24h and reward the wombats with:

  1. Experience

  2. Materials

  3. Contribution points for each run that will determine the overall season reward. These are calculated daily

All three types of rewards depend on the staked set of NFTs, equipment, VIP levels, owned non-transferable NFTs, equipment, and other boosts.

Each day, players can claim their season points from a treasure chest. The treasure chest also may or may not contain more NFTs that can significantly boost players’ progress in the game.

At the end of the season, players receive their rewards, depending on their shares of contribution pools on every day of the season. In Wombat Dungeon Master, the points usually convert 100000:1 into USD worth of a cryptocurrency of their choice.

But the rewards go on! Next to the treasure chests and the season points, players can receive goodies of all sorts in the “Well of Wealth”. This is a seasonal journey designed as a descent into a well, with treasures along the way down. Players need more rope if they want to collect as many rewards as possible. To get more rope, they have to fulfill various tasks.

Players can also collaborate in clans. Whether to cut down dungeon run times, exchange or lend NFTs, being a part of a clan is a particularly rewarding experience for those who value connection and clear competition in games. Clan membership is something one should consider seriously, as it is invite-only — and only from the creator of the clan.

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