The Dungeon Worlds

In Dungeon Worlds, there is more than only one dungeon to be explored by the players’ wombats. Instead, there’s a large variety of dungeons run by players, creators and brands themselves, with their own rules and their choices of stakeable collections.
Players need additional wombat characters to access the new dungeons. These wombats age over time, but can be bred to create offspring which can then in turn access dungeons for the players.
Community-run dungeons, just like the original DM game, are organized in seasons, and seasons start and end at the same time across all dungeons. To create a dungeon, a user must hold Dungeon Worlds land. At least 3x3 patches of land are required, but dungeon masters can choose to build dungeons on more patches, so long as these have a rectangular shape.
At the end of each season, Dungeon Worlds will award all community-led dungeons with a huge prize pool in $WOMBAT tokens, e.g. 100m $WOMBAT per season. Players collecting points in community-run dungeons will receive their share of the total pool allocated to that dungeon. The total amount of $WOMBAT allocated to each dungeon for a season mainly depends on multiple factors:
  • The number of (verified) players playing the dungeon every day
  • The ranks of the characters bound to the dungeon this season
  • The size of the dungeon in land patches
  • The ratio of NFTs staked in the dungeon per player vs the maximum number of NFTs stakeable
The exact formula will be determined upon launch of Dungeon Worlds.
Dungeon masters are allowed to set a tax of up to 20% on the amount of $WOMBAT paid out to their dungeon.
Of the payout for each dungeon in $WOMBAT tokens, 1% will remain in a so-called DAO pool for future use in the DAO feature.