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Here you'll find everything you need to know about Wombat - The Web 3 Gaming Platform and its WOMBAT ecosystem token.
Wombat - The Web 3 Gaming Platform is one of the fastest growing blockchain & gaming ecosystems in the world. Here are some key figures (06/2022):
  • 2.6m signups
  • 300k monthly active users
  • 65k daily active users
  • 1.2m NFTs minted for Wombat partners
  • 20 gaming partnerships with AA/AAA publishers and game studios
  • 40 AA/AAA games on our platform
  • 700k NFTs staked in Dungeon Master
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Womplay Reward System
Wombat Dungeon Master
Wombat Twitter
Womplay Twitter
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Contract address

Team WOMBAT is all about transparency in everything we do. A list of our key smart contracts can be found here with the token launch.
WOMBAT Token -Ethereum Mainnet
WOMBAT Child Token Polygon Mainnet


Hacken, a world-renowned audit institution, has been performed an audit of the WOMBAT smart contracts and assigned an overall score of 9.1 out of 10.
Hacken Audit Report