Wombat Dungeon Master

Wombat Dungeon Master is a minigame in which Wombat users can use their NFTs issued by Wombat or Womplay to receive additional rewards. NFTs need to be locked within the minigame to be able to enjoy rewards, and regular activity in Wombat Dungeon Master leads to increasing rewards. NFT collections stakeable within Dungeon Master are both Wombat's own ecosystem collections like the ones distributed via the Womplay Game Rewards system, but also partner collections which can apply to become stakeable via a simple process. This has allowed partner collections to get more visibility, and collaborations with the creators of such collections allow for increased engagement with these NFTs.

With the go-live of the Wombat Dungeon Master mid-Dec 2021, monthly NFT trading volume has quadrupled.

According to dappradar.com, the Wombat Dungeon Master is with 10-12k daily active users among the Top 20 Web 3 games globally. In June 2022, 700k NFTs have been staked in the game.

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