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Multi-Chain Utility Token

Wombat’s token (ticker symbol WOMBAT) is a multi-chain utility token which plays an important role for the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform for both gamers as well as game creators. Such utility token fuels all important activities in such ecosystem and can be used by users to receive significant benefits (hereinafter „WOMBAT“).
The WOMBAT tokens are issued by the German based Spielworks GmbH (the “Company”).
WOMBAT tokens will originally be minted on the Ethereum blockchain with a fixed supply of 10 billion. However, bridges like the Polygon bridge will be used to enable simple, fast and cheap usage and transacting of WOMBAT for users.
Note: The WOMBAT holders will not be entitled to any membership rights or contractual claims with monetary content comparable to those of a holder of shares or a holder of a debt instrument (e.g. membership-like voting rights, claims for dividend-like payments, repayment claims, interest payments) at the level of or against the Company.
Note: The WOMBAT token smart contract implements a functionality to "pause" token transfers. "Pausing" token transfers means that no token transfers can be made while paused. This function is foreseen to be used in disaster scenarios only to protect WOMBAT token holders from negative impact and only by a specific account that is secured using a dedicated multi-signature setup.