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Wombat - The Web 3 Gaming Platform

Web 3 Gamers enjoy the fact that they get extra benefits by earning and transacting their in-game assets as tokens or NFTs. This makes gaming even more appealing. Wombat allows gamers to participate in the virtual economy, monetize playing time & achievements and makes NFT ownership a social experience that can be shared with friends and peers.
Hence we call Wombat The Web 3 Gaming Platform.
Pivotal to this player-centric ecosystem is the Wombat App with integrated functionalities optimized for gamers: Wallet, NFT Gallery, NFT Marketplace, Game Rewards (Womplay), Dapp Explorer, Token Swaps and Fiat on- and off-ramps.
The Wombat App, therefore, provides players with all the functionalities to store, manage, exploit, monetize and interact with digital assets inside and outside their favorite games.
Under the premise that gaming is always first and foremost about fun, entertainment and latest state-of-the-art games/content, Wombat provides gamers with the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform in which gamers can:
  • Find new interesting games which offer cryptocurrencies or NFTs as an incentivization and monetization mechanism for their gaming efforts
  • Store, manage, transfer and interact with these digital assets
  • Share game progress and NFTs with their gaming community and/or closest gamer friends
  • Trade, lend, borrow, stack, or swap their cryptocurrencies and NFTs into fiat currencies on established exchanges or third-party marketplaces and have access to DeFi ecosystems with their digital assets
  • Monetize their playtime and gaming efforts in their favorite games and receive cryptocurrencies or NFTs as incentives/rewards
The Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform has made it extremely easy for gamers to start their journey in Web 3, to get acquainted with tokens and NFTs and enjoy the experience of making game assets theirs.
In order to address the market of mass-market games, Wombat has partnered with leading publishers and game studios from both the traditional (Web 2) gaming space as well as Web 3.
As of June 2022, 20 publishers with over 40 games have been integrated into the Womplay Game Reward system.
Technologically, Wombat supports a variety of blockchain networks and continues to integrate technologies with strong adoption in the Gaming & NFT space. The interoperability of the Wombat App and the digital assets managed with it is essential for gamers to be able to transfer NFTs from one blockchain to another in a user-friendly and barrier-free way in the future.
As of June 2022, over 2.6 million players from 190 countries use the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform.