WOMBAT Whitepaper

Marketplace Fees

Whenever users of the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform transact with their NFTs via one of the Marketplace functions, one or multiple of the following fees will apply:
  • Marketplace Fees on the Wombat NFT marketplace
  • Collection Fees on the Wombat NFT marketplace
  • Marketplace Fees on aggregated marketplaces
While Collection Fees will always accrue at the level of the issuer of a NFT (or the IP holder), marketplace fees accrue at the level of the operator of the marketplace.
Many marketplaces offer referral or affiliate fees (sometimes referred to as maker or taker fees, depending on the context and function) which will be leveraged by the Wombat aggregation frontend, wherever applicable.
Fees will generally be charged in the respective currency that is being used on a particular NFT marketplace.
Wombat branded partner NFTs