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Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform today

In a world where gamers can control most or all of their digital gaming assets, including items and in-game currencies, the most important thing they want and need is an open, easy-to-use and secure place in which they can view, trade and transact their digital assets, earn interest on them or display them to others. Gamers also want to be able to find other games of interest to them, so they’ll need a place to find them.
In closed ecosystems, gamers need to trust the operating parties to keep the assets safe, which is actually no different from today’s situation with game publishers keeping control over in-game assets. In open ecosystems, gamers get to actually own their assets by gaining control over their private keys and being able to choose their providers, e.g. the NFT marketplace or the fiat gateway.
We believe that open ecosystems serve the needs of gamers much better than closed ones, which is why we’ve designed Wombat to form an open ecosystem.

One of the fastest-growing Web 3 gaming ecosystems

Wombat - The Web 3 Gaming Platform is one of the fastest growing blockchain & gaming ecosystems in the world. Here are some key figures...
  • 2.6m signups
  • 300k monthly active users
  • 65k daily active users
  • 1.2m NFTs minted for Wombat partners
  • 20 gaming partnerships with AA/AAA publishers and game studios
  • 40 AA/AAA games on our platform
  • 700k NFTs staked in Dungeon Master
It features one of the major blockchain wallet apps (the Wombat App), the first-ever gaming rewards system distributing NFTs to players for playing traditional AA and AAA mobile and desktop games (Womplay Game Rewards) as well as a Top 20 NFT Staking mini-game (Wombat Dungeon Master) our NFT staking experience. Any users receiving cryptocurrency or NFT from Womplay or game companies utilizing the NFT Gateway will be able to trade and interact with them inside the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform.
Wombat Web 3 platform today