Wombat NFT Creation Tools

The Wombat NFT Creation Tools will allow gamers and influencers to mint their own NFTs within the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform.

NFT Creator

The NFT Creator will allow any participant in the Gaming Rewards Program to create and distribute NFTs to other users. The NFT Creator interface will offer the upload of visual and audible assets which can then be minted as an editions of NFTs and distributed to users via the NFT Distributor.

Advanced features like live minting, large assets or staking in Dungeon Master will be available for stakers of the WOMBAT token.

NFT Distributor

The NFT Distributor will allow creators of NFTs (either using the Wombat NFT Creator or preminted by themselves) to distribute NFTs to Wombat users according to preset rules, e.g. upon playing a particular game. Distribution methods will include pre- and live minting as well as packs.

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