Wombat App Features

Social features become a key element

The overall goal for the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform is to become a social gaming experience ("The Wombatverse") based upon gaming NFTs. In this “Wombatverse” users can act and react on NFTs they or their friends own and transact with, customize what their avatars and their apps look like and share their own gaming successes and advances with the outside world.

The “Wombatverse” Wombat will add gamification elements to an extent that all major functionalities of the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform will become “locations” within a “Wombat world”. The gamified experiences will include:

  • A navigable world map (Wombatverse 1.0)

  • Real estate in individual locations (Wombatverse 2.0)

  • Ongoing development of new and existing locations to be visited; any new functionalities of the Wombat Web 3Gaming Platform will also become available through the Wombatverse

In addition the Wombat App with its ever-growing range of functionality will be enhanced with social features for users to be able to connect to and interact with each other based on their gaming NFTs:


Users can follow each other to be notified upon certain activity regarding NFTs. If two users follow each other mutually, they become “friends” within the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform and can send Messages (as defined below).

NFT Feed

Wombat users will see an activity stream based on certain events on NFTs owned by users they follow. These events can include receiving a high-value item, selling or purchasing certain NFTs.


Wombat users will be able to send messages to friends, e.g. to negotiate NFT prices or congratulate them on successes etc.

Gift NFTs

Wombat will allow users to “wrap” NFTs into a packaging and send wrapped NFTs as gifts to other users. They will have to “unwrap” those NFTs before seeing what’s actually inside.

Other blockchain integrations

Aside of the networks which Wombat is already integrated with (like Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche or WAX), the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform will be integrated with several other networks as their adoption in the gaming space advances. Among those will be the following.


Solana has been seeing tremendous growth since its launch and will likely continue to grow. Its supreme UX offers great potential for game developers to build supreme blockchain-native game experiences.

Bitcoin Lightning Network

The Bitcoin Lightning Network has seen increasing adoption in the gaming space for its fast and cheap transactions and its strong foothold in the “OG blockchain community”.


With its scalable architecture and growing ecosystem, NEAR could be a great option for Web 3 gaming projects to built on. Overall ecosystem of NEAR has been picking up since 2021.

Desktop app

In order to better cater for and facilitate the integration of downloadable desktop games, Wombat will become available as a standalone, cross-platform desktop app.

Wombat Earn

Wombat will offer a program for its users to receive rewards for digital assets held within the Wombat App. As a non-custodial app, Wombat will focus on non-custodial yield options for users.

Wombat Prime

Wombat will keep adding benefits for subscribers to its Wombat Prime subscription, e.g. cashback for crypto purchases via the Wombat App, or boosted Wombat Earn rates. Wombat Prime functionality will be included in the higher VIP tiers of the token staking rewads.

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