Core Idea and Vision

We believe that Web 3 Games have huge potential, both for players and game creators. This means that within 5 years from now, all new games will make use of digital assets on the blockchain.
Gamers will need a secure place to control, manage and trade digital assets (such as NFTs) comfortably, and be able to share and show them to their friends and peers.
Wombat - The Web 3 Gaming Platform facilitates this ongoing paradigm shift with a strong focus on gamers’ needs, simplicity, security and comfort. We want to minimize the entry barriers for gamers and game publishers & studios to utilize Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and aim to bring Web 3 Games to the mass-market.
Note: In the context of this Whitepaper the usage of the terms „NFT“ or „NFTs“ is limited to gaming NFTs, unless explicitly stated otherwise.