Womplay Game Rewards

All major functionality of the Womplay Game Rewards system will be included into the next major release of the Wombat app (Wombat 2.0). The overall rewards system will keep getting expanded with numerous functionalities to improve the experience when playing games through the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform.

Womplay as a standalone product will be decommissioned after successuful inclusion into the Wombat app on both mobile and desktop platforms. Therefore, "Womplay Game Rewards" will simply be dubbed "Game Rewards Program" from here on out.

Wombat’s focus will always be on providing the best possible game content and enhancing the experience of playing these games through NFTs. As the number of NFTs earned by players through this reward mechanism grows, the possibilities of what users can do with these NFTs within the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform need to grow, as well.

NFTs for all games

The Game Rewards Program will be enhanced to distribute reward NFTs for all games available on the platform.

As before, the Game Rewards Program will continue offering branded NFTs utilizing in-game content as rewards. In addition, the Game Rewards Program will keep adding NFT series which can be utilized within the Game Rewards Program context, including the following list:

Cosmetic NFTs

Items which can be used to individualize the experience within the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform.


Items which can be used only once, e.g. to enhance other NFTs or to receive a temporary boost.

Upgradable NFTs

A UI component allowing users to “blend” NFTs into stronger, rarer and visually different NFTs.

VIP Items

The Game Rewards Program will offer an extensive VIP system with multiple tiers. Qualification for each tier will be determined by holding certain VIP NFTs.

Wombat-branded NFTs

The Games Rewards Program will incorporate any series of Wombat-branded NFTs which will be issued in the future.

More gamification to come

The Wombat team will add more gamification elements to the Game Rewards Program. These will include:

Performance challenges

Challenges based upon recurring events in games and thus upon the highest performance in those events.

Cross-game challenges

Challenges in the Game Rewards Program have been limited to single games. The Game Rewards Program will expand that by enabling cross-game challenges.

Additional cashout options

Beside Bitcoin and EOS, the Game Rewards Program will also include additional crypto currencies to be paid out as rewards.

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