The Wombat NFT Marketplace

The Wombat NFT Marketplace will initially be hosted on the Polygon PoS network and potentially expand to other blockchain networks as need be.

The Wombat Marketplace

As gaming assets typically form fairly closed economies (with respect to whether or not non-gamers are actively seeking to trade such assets), a simple, tailored user experience has more relevance to games and their NFTs than pure liquidity on a marketplace.

Therefore, the default option to trade NFTs that have been issued through Wombat’s NFT issuance infrastructure will be Wombat’s NFT Marketplace system.

The focus for the Wombat NFT Marketplace is not a plethora of complex trading and issuing functions, but a set of simple and convenient functionalities tailored to games and gamers that work smoothly.

Publicly available marketplace

The Wombat NFT Marketplace will offer a web-based User Interface to easily search, filter, buy, sell and trade (barter) NFT items of games. The UI will come with components for gaming industry partners to customize and host their own native NFT marketplace.

Wombat NFT Marketplace Drops

The Wombat NFT marketplace will also offer possibilities for game creators to run pre-game-launch NFT sales (drops) of items which can be utilized in the respective game after launch. These drops will typically be sold to users on a first-come-first-serve basis.

White-label capabilities

Wombat Marketplace will be enhanced to be customizable for issuing game companies in order to allow for the smoothest experience in combination with their games.

Marketplace aggregation

As such, the Wombat NFT Marketplace (described above) isn’t designed to compete with existing or upcoming, all-purpose NFT marketplaces.

Instead, the Wombat NFT Marketplace is building upon these marketplaces to offer users of the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform (and beyond) the fastest and most convenient way of interacting with their NFTs.

Marketplace aggregation

Wombat will provide an integrated UI component allowing Wombat’s users to conveniently browse, search, buy and sell NFTs across multiple existing and liquid marketplaces on diverse blockchain networks (marketplace aggregation).

These marketplaces will include the likes of OpenSea and AtomicHub, if feasible.

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