Womplay Game Reward System

The Womplay Game Rewards system is an integrated offering that allows gamers to earn crypto and NFT rewards for playing both traditional and cutting-edge blockchain games.

Over 1.1m players have been rewarded for playing games through Womplay and over $250k have been paid to them so far in prizes. Over 150k players have been rewarded with NFTs for playing traditional, mass-market games.

Womplay serves as the interface between the traditional gaming world (3.2 billion gamers worldwide) and the ever-growing area of Web 3 games.

Creators and publishers of traditional games enjoy risk-free exposure to blockchain technology without the need of technical integration, while users are happy to receive liquid tokens like Bitcoin while doing the thing they’re doing anyway - playing games. NFTs are handed out to gamers for playtime, their performance in games or for achieving certain milestones within games.

At the time of writing over 40 games have partnered with Womplay, including:

  • Lords Mobile

  • RAID: Shadow Legends

  • World of Tanks

  • Mech Arena

  • Forge of Empires

  • Summoners War

  • Upland

  • Splinterlands

In Womplay, gamers earn reward points called Wombucks. Those Wombucks can be spent within Womplay to receive cryptocurrency rewards like Bitcoin or EOS or they can be used to buy various items within Womplay, e.g. Chests or upgrades for NFTs. Wombucks are not integrated with any blockchain and only exist within the Womplay application.

NFTs are distributed to Womplay users for performing certain actions or reaching milestones within games. NFT rewards have proven to be a significant driver of key metrics within traditional games which do not offer NFT experiences at all. Most of the typical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of free-to-play games improve upon adding such NFT rewards, which has been proved within Womplay, e.g.:

  • Up to 4x higher engagement (based on reaching a particular game level)

  • Up to 3x higher install-to-paying rate

  • Up to 10x overall cohort spend

The tremendous success of adopting NFTs based on these metrics has made it very easy for the Wombat team to acquire additional partners for reward NFTs.


Challenges are time-boxed, competitive elements in Womplay in which players can earn cryptocurrency on top of their Wombucks earnings. Each week, multiple challenges are held in which the top-ranked players receive prizes based on their performance in particular disciplines of individual games, e.g. “win most battles” or “own most NFTs of a particular type”.


Quests are single-user, one-time elements in which users need to perform certain actions on the Womplay Gaming Reward system in order to be able to claim a reward, e.g. “download game X” or “reach milestone Y in game X”. Rewards can be Wombucks, NFTs or cryptocurrency.


Missions are time-boxed, competitive elements that are particularly centered around NFTs which have been either earned within Womplay or bought on an NFT marketplace. Missions typically make use of NFT-related attributes such as their “power” or “kindness”. Some of these attributes are modifiable through Womplay by paying a Wombucks fee.

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